Rob Stolte

Typographic design

Rob Stolte is a Dutch graphic designer based in Utrecht (NL). After he finished his study in 2005 at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) he and his classmate Maarten Dullemeijer founded design studio Autobahn in 2006.


Together with Maarten, Rob has presented commercial and self-initiated projects with exhibitions in China, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands, whilst also designing for clients like Sony Playstation Network, Art Directors Club Netherlands, Royal Institute for the Tropics, Maxxium and agencies such as 180 Amsterdam, Mediapartners, Youngworks and Indie Amsterdam. Besides working for clients, the two always initiate autonomous projects, like typefaces made from toothpaste (Heldentica), ketchup (Tomatica) and hair gel (Gelvetica), an off-line typography quiz and the creation of a Cultural Olympic Village for the city of Utrecht. Their work is awarded, among other prizes, with six European Design Awards.